May 28, Does that mean that bigger is no longer necessarily better? Video features have become an important factor to many photographers when choosing a new camera. The Optio S50 also is PictBridge compatible to allow direct printing to compatible printers. You’ll find yourself using the LCD to compose your shots far more often than with the camera’s woefully inadequate optical viewfinder, which shows, at best, 70 percent of the image captured by the CCD.

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The aluminum case is stylish and at the same time rugged. Compare These Fujifilm XF. Even in situations pentax optio s50 exposure and white balance can be difficult, these handy modes allow the user to achieve excellent results with ease.

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The big selling point for this camera is that you can use a remote with it. The best cameras for people and events. May 23, 64 mobile. Instagram launches Pentax optio s50 button, tests ‘all caught up’ feature. Pentax Photo Gallery dot com.

Last week, some ‘leaked’ photos were published online that purported to show a DJI Phantom 5 drone with interchangeable lens camera and several prime lenses. The bezel-free Vivo Apex concept phone with its pop-up camera might be more than a concept. Pentax optio s50 are tradeoffs that come pentax optio s50 that big lens, however. Sony reveals faster, higher-res OLED viewfinder display.

What’s the best camera for taking pictures of people and events? Furthermore, the user can keep red, blue or green areas as they are while turning the rest of the image into black and white.

opto In this pentax optio s50 guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best.

Despite its highly portable, compact body, the OptioS50 additionally incorporates a large, 1. Overall, the Optio S50 is a decent pentax optio s50 digital camera whose affordable price and strong image quality fail to offset some serious performance issues.

Read on to find out which cameras we think are best for the videophile.

May 24, camera news. Now I’m happy because here I find the same model, in very good condition and I will can use the housing again.

Pentax Optio S50

Award-winning fashion and celebrity photographer Markus Klinko recently tested out the Godox EC flash extension head. However, we find that image quality takes a hit with some tweaks Pentax has made. We’ve been messing around with Apollo, an iOS app that allows you to add 3D lighting effects to images using depth information, and have to say we’re impressed pentax optio s50 what it’s capable pentax optio s50 — but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few requests for the next version.

Equipped with the same handy mode dial, the OptioS50 allows even novice users to select a desired mode out of the nine choices, with just a simple turn. Check out the video for the full story. In underwater video or photo, the really important is the gu y behind the camera. The OptioS50 is pentax optio s50 PictBridge compatible, thereby allowing direct printing when connected to compatible printers.

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For the other 10 pentax optio s50, all the user has to do is select Picture mode on the mode pentax optio s50, then select the one that matches the situation. May 22, Offering the satisfying imaging capability of 5. Such user-friendly benefits are also features of the OptioS30, which was launched in June This week, Chris and Jordan take a break from gear reviews to discuss things you should know to get proper exposure when shooting video.

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Furthermore, pentax optio s50 remote pejtax is also possible with optionally available remote controller units. The Optio S50 has a digital filter function that can be applied in-camera during playback and allows users to convert pentax optio s50 to black and white, while retaining red, blue or green areas.

The OptioS50 features a mode dial the user can simply turn to select a desired prntax. Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic.