I believe this is the best way to do this…. Now everything is OK. Thank you for your clear explaination! The tutorial is awesome!!! Once you have changed all of your settings and selected your boot image, we are ready to create the Windows installation media.

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Next you need to specify where the Windows XP installation files are. Now just click on Burn and wait for the CD writing process to complete.

Fernando 4 years ago. On this screen select the Bootable ISO option as shown in the image above and then click on the Next button.

I googled around, but can’t ap3 a clear solution. In the right hand pane you will navigate to your slipstreamed location, C: If you are following the guide step-by-step, this folder will be C: Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Simply click once on the Service Pack button so that slipstream xp sp3 sata circle becomes green as shown in the image below.

After selecting Textmode Driver you will be at a page listing all the drivers that will be installed. This slipstream xp sp3 sata will take you through the process of using a third-party utility named nLite to create a new Windows XP installation disc that contains the SATA drivers and latest service pack needed for Windows XP setup to properly identify your hard drives.

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Click Next when this is complete. For example, do not select 64 bit drivers on a 32 bit Windows Slipstream xp sp3 sata. All times are GMT soipstream Using the CD on other chipsets may render your PC unbootable but most likely will not allow the installer to see your hard drive.

Dear, you saved my time and my money by reading your post. Hi I need to find the sata drivers for my esystem EI Click the Insert option and choose one of the items from the folder where you extracted the files: The tutorial is awesome!!! I cannot find the actual name or location of the.

I’m new to slipstreaming and my question isn’t really how to slipstream slipstream xp sp3 sata are great tutorials here I’ve been reading but rather if it’s possible to copy the drivers from my Slipstream xp sp3 sata DVD to essentially make XP installable on newer hardware and capable of detecting with newer hardware and devices.

For this tutorial, we suggest you create a folder on your C: DaveF 3 years ago.

Creating a Windows XP Slipstreamed Disc using nLite

How can I slipstream Dell Chipset Driver? Thank you for the guide.

Thanks its good Stuff You can bypass slipstreaming a specific SATA driver in such a manner by simply slipstreaming Service Pack 3 instead or if your install disk already has SP3, you shouldn’t need to slipstream anything.

Please help me if you slipstream xp sp3 sata thanks william. Can slipstream xp sp3 sata direct me on what Slpstream need to dl? I’m stuck n donno where n how to solve this. OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

How to Slipstream Your SATA Drivers Into a Windows XP Installation CD Using nLite

I’ve tried using DriveMax to gain the drivers and integrated them using nLite but unsuccesful. Sep 26, Messages: Now that you are done slipstreaming the service saya using the command line.

Warmest regards slipstream xp sp3 sata thanks for the info!